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make sb do sth,make后加动词原形

can help doing sth,忍不住要做某事

translate this poem ___from__ English (A)into Chinese(B)

make up one's mind to do sth,下定决心做某事

appreciated doing sth感激...      Believe it or not信不信由你

leave a message for(sb)打电话时人不在

in年in月on日期       in front of在。。之前

the crimes they have committed today.

at first sight第一眼看到    Love at first sight 一见钟情

They key to success is hard work and persistence.

be grateful to someone对某人心存感激

as far as learning is __concerned_(就。。。而言)

work on影响,对。。起作用go in for 追求 AS is known to all众所周知

neither, either, none, both

neither 两者都不   either 两者中的每个都    none 两者以上都不

both 两者都     either 与单数连用,    both与复数连用

can't  have done以前不可能做了某事

Must have done表示肯定做了某事

Should't have done 不应该做某事

need't have done没必要做某事

be limited__ to(被局限到) above all最重要的是


Neither do I(我也不)No sooner than一。。就

make yourself  at home 别拘束      twice as much是..的两倍

(together with、as well as, rather than,besides ),谓语动词和单复数形式与主语形式一致
Both the boys are clever.

Either of the two boys is clever.

spend 的主语是“人”  cost 的主语是 “物”   pay 常与for 搭配

keep up with追赶  keep an eye on照看

sour 酸的   sweet 甜的   bitter苦的   Release释放   resign辞职   reform改革

regard注意    (not)at all  一点也不  in all 总共after all 毕竟

bread面包  Strawberry草莓  Peach桃子  pineapple菠萝   A child提子

 suit西服    account描述   exercises练习  follow up 追究   realized意识到

Pear梨   apricot杏   Raisins葡萄干   Grape普通    Hawthorn山楂

set foot on踏上   Generously慷慨的   lonely孤独的    Fatally致命的

slightly轻微的   project项目   corrections修正、改正   forecast预测

dictionary词典   profession 职业   president总统   storm暴风雨

take an umbrella 带把伞 hurry匆忙    objective目标  Alike相像 familiar熟悉  

similar 相似     enough(乙呐夫)足够的vacation暑假 mistake错误

lectures regularly定期讲座    guide指南    tourist旅游、游客

edition版本    fal落下   previous以前的    discovered发现   Directions方向 bottle瓶子

must not不能够  can't 不可能  may not 可能不 needn't无需    guilty有罪   Whether是否

Complained抱怨   offered提供   charged索价让...支出    Professor教授

completely完全的     relaxed轻松、放松

illness疾病    raincoats雨衣(coats,外套)go without去不去

pop stars流行歌星    neighborhood地区,领域    university大学   purposes目的

examination入学考试     quantities大量   Effective有效   affected受影响

efficient有效率 sufficient足够    Mutual respect互相尊重

Opinion观点    tree树   in spite of除了

because of表示原因

appearance出现    immediately立即   true friend真正的朋友   sides边   Able能力


secretary秘书   Contributed贡献   aid协助   aim目标

far from远离   Pay for偿还  hugelosses巨大损失   area地区  causing造成   poem诗

Position 位置 accept 承认 mirror 镜子   Waiter服务员   lecture演讲

translate the texts翻译文本  Unless除非   Mood 心情   catch 抓住

reputation 名声Corrections 修改  spend花费   public公众的   pass on传给

take in理解   few少量   required必修的   small少数   expected预期 

lectures regularly定期讲课

attend lectures 参加讲座 suburbs郊区    fire火

boring 无聊,(强调人或事本身厌烦)  bored 无聊

get off离开    mud泥    earlier早期的

patients患者    mankind人类   Habit习惯   custom 风俗 tradition传统   


scarcely几乎不    board members董事会成员

anxious焦虑    advanced高级的  deaf聋的

speak of谈到

anxious焦虑    destruction破坏    else其他的    fried油炸   restaurant餐厅

Acted表演   clapped鼓掌  backed后退  closed关闭   both两者都

talk with 和。。讲话   laugh at 嘲笑  cope with处理 warm up热身

urgent 紧急dream about梦想   see through看穿 afraid(害怕)

earthquake地震    Ashamed感到羞耻     accurate精准   adequate充分的


borrow借入 lend借出    show展示    in case万一   so that 以致于  now that既然

only if只要..就  Because of 因为  Due to由于 Thanks to多亏  But for要不是

foreign外国的 blind 瞎的
go  into 进入 go with搭配    go after追求 go by经过   went after追逐

went over 仔细检查

went up 上升went down 下降
turne up调高    turne down调低    turne in上交    turne over使翻转
in order(秩序)整齐 in public(公众)公开的

in time(时间)及时in trouble(麻烦)陷入困境

gives up 放弃    gives in投降   gives away泄露 gives off放出
make up for补偿    keep up with赶上    come up wit想出    put up with忍受

anything(否定、疑问) nothing(什么都没有)
Turn up 调大  Turn over 移交  Turn off 关掉    Turn around 转身
put up with容忍   put away 收起来, 抛弃   put up  举起, 提供

put off推迟,拖延    put down放下, 拒绝   put in 插话    put back放回 put on 使运转
fell off跌落  sank off  沉没  stepped off 高处走下来

Lost mind  失去理智  Lost temper 发脾气

Lost passion  失去激情   Lost way 迷路

make a guess at猜测     make out辨认出
researched 调查    recognized 认出 reported报告  reduced减少

broke down出故障    broke out 突然爆发

came down下来   came out出来
look down on(upon) 看不起    look out  查出, 找出

look forward to期望    looked like看起来像    look into 研究, 调查

look after 照顾 ,照管 look over (仔细)检查  look for 寻找

look through  翻阅, 看一遍 look back(upon)回想,回顾

look out (for)注意 当心
call for 需求,需要call on/upon 拜访,号召call off 取消

call up 召集,使人想起call back 召回

run out 用完,耗尽   run over 浏览   run after 追赶   run away 逃跑
lay off  解雇,裁员  lay out  设计  lay down 建造,制定
bring about 造成,引起    bring up 提出,养育 bring out 取出
lie in, lie to,lie on

Shanghai lies in the east of China.上海位于中国的东部。

Taiwan lies to the east of China.台湾位于中国的东面。

Russia lies on the north of China俄罗斯位于中国的北面。
A 27. ____ Yellow River is known to be ____ second longest river in China.
A. The, the B. /, / C. √ The, / D. /, the

Neither Jane nor Ted ___is___ going to meet Professor Jones nextFriday because both of them will be busy with their classes then.(谓语动词就近原则,ted是单数,题意为将来时,所以是is)


Mary is the only student in my class _who__ speaks Chinese.(定语从句,先行词为人)
Inthe end终于、最后    Atthe end在终点    Bythe end到..末尾/为止  

hand in上交   face up to  勇敢的面对  head for前往 back up支持

superior上级的、优秀的   capable能干    complicated复杂的   available可用的

 relation 关系  limitation限制   strength力量 patience耐心

sb is found doing sth,某人被发现正在做某事   be punished被处罚.

take me into __consideration(把。。考虑进去)stand for代表    call for 要求

reach for伸手去拿     care for关心

takes away带走     takes in欺骗   takes over接管    takes up占用   Criticized(指责)   


must have rained(表示对过去发生的事的肯定推测)

Spend some time/some money on sth,在某事上花费时间/金钱

Spend some time/some money(in)doing sth,做某事花费时间/金钱

 so long as只要     so that以便late____spring(晚春)

_lend__her a hand(帮忙 pick up捡起  put up举起     call out召集    point out指出

in general通常、一般而言   in a word总而言之     in detail详细的   in fact实际上

service服务     sentence判决      crime罪行    crisis危机

be given a sevre sentence被给予重判)

Entertaining给。。以娱乐(Entertain sb with sth用。。娱乐某人)

Densely密集的  vastly极大地    enormously巨大地    largely大部分的

take decisions 作出决定      takesides 偏袒   take steps采取措施 Operated运营

replaced用。。替换   contributed贡献出    accomplished完成

calling on号召     calling off 放弃   calling for  要求     

calling in召集  heart ___beat (心跳)_

make Sense说得通 keeping a(n) __eye___ on(照看)

slipped my ___mind   (想不起来了) on account of 由于    in case of以防万一          
at the risk of冒风险     in spite of尽管

according to根据 B. as a result of结果

for reasons of因为     with the help of在。。的帮助下

To our great____. relief (使某人如释重负的是)

be______supposed____  to (应该)do

 behave__ yourself(注意言行举止


Careers职业    clues线索 challenges挑战

be popular with sb在某些人中很流行

To begin with首先    After all毕竟

In reality事实上     As a whole总体看

development发展   difference不同   progress进步   Limit限制

lack缺少 demand需要   along with随着

second to次于    regardless of不管,表示让步

recover苏醒    review复习

Require要求   keep fit保持体型

Should have done sth本应该做某事

Must have done sth一定完成了某事

almost几乎  me'rely仅仅    hardly几乎不Opinion意见   idea想法    cry哭     


Friendly友好的  hostile怀有敌意的   fertile肥沃的  complicated结构复杂

Weave编,织   utilize利用  reveal显示   resemble类似于

take off(脱掉)  set off(出发)  set up(建立)  take up拿去

Dangerous危险的  graceful优雅的   gentle温和的   desperate拼命地

suppose假设     assume假定    assure保证    grant授予

 in exchange作为交换     instead相反   in return作为回报  in particular尤其、特别的

cause起因   result结果   reason理由   effect影响

because of 因为   in spite of尽管  instead of代替  in honor of纪念relieved缓解

 reflected反应   responded回应 recovered恢复superior优于 B. junior初级的

senior高级的  equal相等的      bring out出版    let out放掉   leave out遗漏 

make out书写    accurately精确地  cautiously 小心的    brilliantly聪明的

disappointedly失望的    evidence证据 recognition认出     identity身份   status地位.

considerate体贴的   considerable相当的   Considering考虑到 

considered被考虑到 put aside 把,,放在一边    look down upon 看不起 

break out 爆发, come up with赶上。提出 receive收到   ask for请求

pick up获得、收集 Generally speaking 一般来说    LaidDown放下        Laidout 摆出  

Laidoff  解雇     Laidaside把。。搁置一旁step up 增加    cope with 处理 

cut off切断     end up结束. find___fault(挑剔)took up从事  save up存钱   

kept up保持  drew up起草定制 In place of替代    Instead of代替     

 In case of防止       In spite of尽管

 a year or __so_(一年左右 sense   __ of smell(嗅觉

the___habit __ of(表示..的习惯)alive活着     active活跃的clear___up(转晴)

Previous ___to(在。。之前) denied__doing(表示否认做过某事)

_land__ on着陆

is in no ___mood__ to do(没有做..的心情)

is not __peculiar   ____ about(不讲究)


find___fault with(挑剔,吹毛求疵)Therefore因为  Otherwise否则 Sign符号  

sight 视力    site地点     

Forbid禁止    forecast 预测   forgive原谅

set down记下    set up建造    set off动身     set out出发

have sth in___common(在某方面有相同点)

 in the army___. service_(在军队服兵役  in addition to除。。之外  according to根据  in front of在。。前面

deal with应付  use up用完   set aside留出     take off脱下,起飞. Disturbed被扰乱   

worried为难,担心   distressed 哀伤的   satisfied满意的. Likely可能的There is ___ no denying __that(毫无疑问)

Would you ___ be so kind as
_(固定搭配 Devoted to doing sth奉献出。。做某事 such 。。As 结构

business事物   B. purchase购买 setting aside 放在一边 getting along with与。。相处

adopt收养   Adapt适应   certain某个

 even though尽管      as though好像     now that既然     since自从

came___ into__ view.(进入视野,望得见)





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